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2013 Federal Tax Credits For Consumer Energy Effeciency

Winter is right around the corner as summer comes to an end and the fall season approaches. If you’re considering energy saving replacement windows, doors or attic insulation for your home, now is the time to act.

The end of the 2013 federal tax credits for consumer energy efficiency is fast approaching. If you’re in the market for energy saving products such as windows, doors or attic insulation, you’ll want to take advantage of the savings.

Homeowners may receive a tax credit equal to 10% of the product cost (installation costs may NOT be included) up to:

  • Energy star rated and approved replacement windows can receive up to a $200 credit.
  • Energy star rated and approved replacement entry & patio doors can receive up to a $500 credit.
  • Energy star rated and approved attic insulation can receive up to a $500 credit.

For a full list of tax credit approved projects and more information about the federal tax credits, visit the energy star website for 2013 federal tax credits for consumer energy efficiency.

To be eligible for the tax credit; windows, doors and insulation must:

  • Meet energy star program requirements.
  • Be installed in the primary residence of the taxpayer.
  • Be installed by the end of December 2013.

The above guidance is not intended as legal advice. It is recommended that you visit or consult a tax professional with specific questions.

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  • Residential Remodeling Return on Investment 2013

    Homeowners are being handsomely rewarded in 2013 for improving the energy efficiency and aesthetics of their residential homes. For the first time in several years the national average for “remodeling return on investment” saw an increase by several ticks in all remodeling categories. Homeowners can remodel their Maryland & Virginia homes while improving its resale value and recouping most of their initial investment. Not to mention the additional savings involved when using Energy Star rated products to improve the efficiency of their home such as energy saving replacement windows.

    For example: if you spend $9,770 for replacement windows, the resale value of those windows (based on this years report) would be $6,961. That’s an outstanding 71% of your initial investment recouped for upgrading and replacing windows for your home. That means you can enjoy an entire house full of brand new energy saving windows while only spending $2,809. The best part? this doesn’t even include the energy savings you’ll see on your heating and cooling bills.

    Some of the highlights from the report would be steel entry door replacement seeing an 85% return on investment and minor kitchen remodels such as kitchen cabinet refacing seeing a 75% return on investment.

    You’ll find the entire list of categories along with their return on investment here Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs Value Report 2013.

    If you have a question, please call us at (800) 293-1711 and speak with a helpful representative who would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also click here to fill out an online form and send us your questions or comments.

    For your convenience we’ve listed the categories below for the Mid Atlantic Region.

    Remodeling return on investment 2013


    Remodeling return on investment 2013 2

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  • Beating the Summer Heat in Maryland & Virginia

    Are you getting tired of this summer’s incredible heat? Then Premier Window & Building recommends our Double Low-E, Double Kypton Windows. They’re specifically designed to keep the heat out. These windows are very effective against direct sunlight and the afternoon and evening’s radiant heat. Your home will feel much cooler the moment these windows are installed. You’ll save a lot on energy, too. We’re currently having our “Go For the Gold” sale, now through the middle of August where you can receive up to three free windows. Take advantage of this fabulous sale and contact us today.